I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd. provides management , coordination and supervision of construction projects, provided by a professional team that combines quality assurance together with thoughtful and dynamic creativity. The team is committed to doing everything to ensure that each project is managed efficiently and smartly, delivering superior quality product while adhering to budget and schedules



I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd. was established and is managed by the engineers Tomer Rabkin and Yana Tzilman. The company provides its customers comprehensive project management services, starting from the stages of development and establishment, till population and inspection. The company's founders have vast experience in the management of a variety of projects in different fields, such as residential projects, building preservation, building additions for existing structures (TMA-38), industrial structures, interior works, infrastructure and development, public structures, offices, security structures and marine works


Being the leading project management company in Israel best known for its employee quality and its customer service


The customer is in the center – We are committed 100% to the success of the project and to meeting the customer's expectations and exceeding them. Since we are a young and dynamic company, the founders of the company provide personalized service to each customer and personally manage the projects that the company has received.

Integrity – We take care to avoid conflicts of interest, to uphold credibility, honesty and fulfillment of promises.

Thoroughness and methodology – We insist on organized work plans in all of the project's stages, a special investment in the planning management as a guarantee for the project's success.

Professionalism – Development and maintenance of the knowledge and professionalism of our employees through ongoing learning of new execution methods, technologies and methods in the field of construction and project management.





I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd. provides management, coordination and supervision services on projects in the fields of construction and infrastructure. We offer a wide variety of services. The customers can order partial services in the various stages of the project or the full services of project management in its entirety, from beginning to end. The project is managed in a transparent manner with the customer, whereby all of the ongoing work is performed by us and the customer can be a partner to the process and its review as he sees fit.

The project management services include management at the stages of development, planning, licensing, contracting, execution and delivery.


On-site supervision of execution of the works in accordance to the plans, while ensuring the quality of the execution

Management of coordination meetings

Tracking the time schedule

Examination of accounts

Budgetary control

Treatment of problems and exceptions during the execution

Operating planners to perform on-site supervision

Reports to the customer

Delivery of the project – recording the corrections, the additions and the improvements required from the contractor at the date of delivery and supervision of their execution, till the final acceptance of the project and its delivery to the customer.

Tender Process Management:

Preparation of lists of contractors in full coordination with the planners and the customer

Managing of tender distribution and receipt of proposals

Formal and accounting control for the contractors' proposals, including reviewing the compliance to the terms of the tender

Analysis of the contractors' proposals in the form of a comparative table, presentation of deviations from the tender's terms and handling their correction

Negotiation management with the contractors until receipt of offers that comply with the tender requirements

Providing a professional opinion to the customer about contacting with the recommended contractor to perform the work

Handling the administrative side of drafting the contract, in coordination with the customer's legal advisor

Updating of the budgetary estimate after selection of the contractor

Planning , Coordination and Management:

Handling the mapping, surveying and ground tests

Counselling the customer in the drafting of the project's planning program

Counselling and accompanying the customer in selecting project consultants

Preparing a time schedule for preliminary and detailed planning and handling the contract preparation between the customer and the various consultants

Preparing an initial budgetary estimate

Managing planning meetings

Examination of various alternatives and their suitability to the customer's needs

Accompanying of the licensing process and representation of the customer at the various authorities

Gathering of planners' estimates, comparing them to the estimate and updating as necessary

Professional counselling of the planners and the tender editor regarding work methods, for the purpose of the specifications and the bill quantities

Coordination and cooperation between the professional consultants and the customer's legal advisor for everything concerning the preparation of the tender documents and their publication, including a professional and administrative review

 Preparation of the tender material




 I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd specializes in the management of residential projects in saturated construction, T.M.A 38 and buildings for conservation. The founders of the company have extensive experience in the promotion of projects in the Tel Aviv municipality, which includes the construction permits, local authority planning commissions, the issuing of "Form 4", etc. The company has dozens of projects in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Holon, Herzliya, Rehovot, Beer Sheva and more in planning and execution.


I.A. Project Management and Construction Ltd specializes in managing "to key" office and finishing works projects by managing subcontractors. This method can achieve cost savings and streamline execution and shorten the time frame for office projects

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